Why not have a footplating or driving course in 2017  

Participants on the Wolsztyn Experience footplating courses in Poland have seen what itís like to drive a steam loco, and have completed over 2,000,000 miles of main line footplating courses up to 2016, so why not add yours to this in 2017? 

With the formation of the Cultural Institute to operate the depot and steam services daily local scheduled services will return in 2017 but as stated under News as yet we do not know  when however the main bones of the Turkol operated specials and Plandamf are available for booking with Nigel. (see PDF planner  in downloads) for all 2017 steam services as soon as available.

Our footplating holiday courses let you experience what itís like to drive a steam train and not just any steam train. All the Wolsztyn locos are on either scheduled local services or long distance specials, so you really will find out what it was like to drive a steam loco all those years ago. You will have to pinch yourself to make sure youíre not dreaming as you thunder through the Polish countryside, enjoying the holiday of a lifetime learning how to drive a steam loco. 

This year on a wider selection of routes we offer courses for 3 people on a 3 day operation and 4 people on a 4 day operation; sometimes including 1 day at Jaworzyna Slaska. Prices including accommodation start at £985 per person. In certain situations where a 3 day operation is planned (see PDF planner in downloads) and a fourth person wishes to participate it may be possible to add a dayís operation. 

You can also footplate one of the Main Line Specials operating all over Poland this year. The costs start at GBP £400 excluding accommodation, with some trips offering over 400 miles on the footplate in one day (see PDF planner in downloads) for dates. 

This year there are some new and exciting routes in the Turkol Program available for footplating or gricing the most prominent are as follow and are available for booking as are some other services and of course the narrow gauge.

Footplating The five most prominent of these operations are as follows

1. April 7-10th - The Torun Hell and Leba weekend 

2. May 27-28th - The Pirate weekend  to Kolobrzeg and area.

June 15-18th - The Wolsztyn Experience 20th anniversary mini Plandampf which includes parallel running on main Berlin line and freight services

July 22-24nd - The Mazury weekend based in Olsztyn includes a special to Malbork and Elk 

August 26-28th -  Slaska Poeba Nowa Ruda Kudowa Zdroj and return to Poznan via Olesnica 






Please read and download our terms and conditions available from our download page where maps are also available. Once a booking is confirmed with Nigel he will supply you a booking number, then payment may be made on line by C/C or by bank transfer or by cheque. Payment of a deposit is acceptance of our terms and conditions. 

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