Wolsztyn Experience steam footplating in Poland

IMPORTANT - As Nigel, who runs the UK office, is currently poorly, as a temporary measure for all enquiries please contact either Howard Jones in Poland on 0048506680156 or Trevor Jones in UK on 01628 524876.

The good news is that daily steam services are to return to Wolsztyn in early March 2017. A full time table expected beginning of January.
A new cultural institution has been formed to run Wolsztyn depot and the steam railway services:- see News and Events for full details and NOVEMBER 16 update.

Turkol and the Wolsztyn Experience are to run a whole program of new and exciting specials or Plandampf’s in 2017, with foot plating courses or gricing available on them:-  see Footplating for details. 


Two special trains racing along  the Berlin main line featured as part of the May Day celebrations in 2016. This will be repeated in 2017 as part of a Plandampf in June:-  see News & Events for full details and downloads for full schedule of steam services in 2017 as soon as they are available.  

A new taxing Narrow gauge location for driving courses started in 2016 this continues in 2017 using a 0-8-0 Px48: 1907- see Narrow Gauge for full details.


For add on excursions to a railway holiday see our expanded range of excursions on our Excursion page.  

The Wolsztyn Experience of a lifetime is 

but a telephone call or email away.


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