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The scheduled steam trains from Wolsztyn resume on Jan 17th after the Christmas break. We are taking bookings for our World famous footplate driving courses for the whole of 2023.
The services will be two round trips Monday-Friday to Leszno all year and two to Poznan on Saturdays, up to the middle of March.

The Wolsztyn Experience UK office will close at the end of 2022 and Nigel will retire so we not sure how the situation will evolve for 2023. So, don’t hesitate - book now! Your deposit is transferable if COVID rules bar your travel. Basically, if you have been vaccinated and have a test certificate you can enter Poland. The departure and arrival testing situation is very fluid so check the regulations before travelling.


The locomotive situation is as follows;- Ol49-69 has a ticket until the end of 2022, Ol49-59 is currently undergoing overhaul and unexpected boiler work so will not return to traffic until April. This means that once a month up until then, the service will be interrupted for boiler washouts and maintenance as required for Ol49-69. The 2-8-2 Pt is awaiting completion of contracts before undergoing a six year overhaul. This requires removal of boiler tubes as unfortunately the boiler test was completed 2 years before returning to traffic after its last overhaul. Its mileage is also low as it spent 9 months of its running time out of service waiting for its tender to be repaired after a derailment,


The good news is that negotiations have opened with the Warsaw Transport Museum about transferring the Pacific Pm36-2 Piekna Helena to Wolsztyn Museum stock, after which the Polish flagship steam loco would be overhauled and returned to duty; its last full year of operation was 2011. COVID also meant that new driver training was undertaken during 2021 so the shortage of Polish footplate crew has been alleviated.

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