The Wolsztyn Experience Travel Arrangements

Members are expected to make their own travel arrangements, but please inform us of your arrival time in Wolsztyn so that we can greet you and show you to your accommodation. 

To help you plan your travel here are the most popular routes

1)  By Air from the UK to Poznan Airport, Ryan Air and WIZZ Air operate from various UK airports to Poznan, most frequently from Stansted and Luton respectively. You need to land at Poznan in time to catch the last train - see Poznan to Wolsztyn timetable in downloads. A bus Route L operates from the airport to the main Poznan station at 15 mins past the hour and a taxi should only cost 30 40PLN but ask the price before getting in. If your flight lands too late for a connecting train service we can arrange a taxi pick up (pre-booked through Nigel) but the cost is 60

2) By Air from various UK airports to Berlin, Ryan Air and Easyjet. and British Airways, and onwards by international train.

There are only 3 through trains a day from Berlin to Zbaszynek
, the nearest station to Wolsztyn and to Poznan. At the weekend there are only 2 from Berlin on a Sunday and 2 to Berlin on a Saturday - For these times look at travel from Berlin under downloads. There may be a connecting train from Zbaszynek to Wolsztyn, if not we can arrange a Taxi. The full Zbaszynek - Wolsztyn - Leszno timetable can also be viewed under downloads. Look at lines around Wolsztyn under downloads to familiarize yourself with these routes.
Train times from Berlin can be checked by going to the DB website, click the link  - ,as can Polish trains. Tickets may be booked for trains from Berlin by DB (German Railways) at Surbiton Tel No 08718 808066.

3) For the full Zbasynek - Wolsztyn - Lesnzo and Wolsztyn - Poznan  timetables.

4) Since flights are sometimes interrupted by weather, strikes and volcanic action more clients are asking about train travel from the UK to Poland. Travel outward has to be overnight or include an overnight stop as there are no late train departures from Berlin to Poland. However, a taxi pick up can be arranged from the border should you wish to complete your journey during daytime hours. The return journey does not  pose a problem. Bookings may be made through DB's UK number 08718 808066. or through Eurostar.

5) See downloads for recommended trains, UK to Berlin, that connect conveniently with Berlin to Wolsztyn trains.

Taxi Pick Ups
Taxis can be booked for your outward journey through the UK office; they should be paid for in Poland. Taxis for return travel should be booked on arrival with Howard, or Alex and paid for then.  

Taxi Pick Up Charges (guide only)

20 1st person 5 for each additional person
30 1st person 5 for each additional person
35 1st person 5 for each additional person
Poznan Airport
60 1st person 5 for each additional person
Poznan Station
70 1st person 5 for each additional person

These charges hold if pre booked in UK However increasing petrol prices in Poland may alter them before the new charge is updated on our web site. 

PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE WEBSITE INFO - much time has been spent dealing with queries by telephone, when we ourselves have to refer to the website for the information you need. 

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