The Wolsztyn Experience Online Payments Terms and Conditions

Please do not send payment of any kind unless requested to by The Wolsztyn Experience, or you are in receipt of an invoice or document stating your booking reference number and requesting payment. 

1. Fees and Payment Relating to Course Bookings

1.1 It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that The Wolsztyn Experience has received a signed booking form stating any special needs and correct contact details of those attending the course. It is also the responsibilty of any group leader to ensure that all group members or partners are aware of these terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions available from the downloads page.

1.2 The payment of any sums intended to be in respect of deposits by a course participant, does not in itself indicate the existence of a contract between The Wolsztyn Experience and the course participant. A contract shall only come into being when the Booking Form has been signed and returned and both the deposit and course balance have been received in full.

1.3 It is the responsibility of the individual making the payment to ensure that the payment routine from this website has been successful and the amounts correctly taken from the correct bank account, and that the payment amount has been received by The Wolsztyn Experience, who do not accept any responsibility for internet or website errors which may prevent payment or interfer with the payment proccess.

1.4 Any amounts paid using this Online Payment Facility in respect of course deposits or balance payments must not be considered the total amount payable. Any additional amounts owed will be advised in Poland.(please see general terms)

1.5 All payments made through this Online Payment Facility must be made in £Sterling . Any currency conversion costs or other charges incurred in making the payment or in processing a refund shall be borne by the course participant or the third party making payment, and shall not be deductible from the amounts due to The Wolsztyn Experience.

1.6 Any amounts paid through this online payment facility are subject to a 2% (two percent) charge incurred through the Barclays internet payment facility. We hope you understand that as it is not our aim to make profit from payments but to just pass on costs to those requiring the facility.

2. Refund of Fees

2.1 If a refund is dure for any reason please refer to the general terms, then payment may be made by company cheque at the discretion of the The Wolsztyn Experience

3. Security

3.1 All payment details which are entered through this payment gateway are encrypted. The site is secure using the Barclays Bank Online Payment Process.

3.2 The Wolsztyn Experience shall not be liable for any failure by the user of this online payment system to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such other persons, during the Online Payment process or in respect of any omission to provide accurate information in the course of the Online Payment process.

4. Data protection

4.1 The Wolsztyn Experience will not have access to any confidential financial information during any part of the payment routine. Any information entered from this website is only that which has already been offered to The Wolsztyn Experience by the course participant.

4.2 The wolsztyn Experience does not share personal details of its database with any third parties without the permission of the individual.

For our terms and conditions relating to Course Bookings and General Prodedures click here


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