Wolsztyn Experience news October 2017  

For the first time steam services from Wolsztyn will operate semi-fast trains. The Poznan trains now extended to 2 return trips on Sundays as well as Saturdays are going semi-fast producing the fastest scheduled Wolsztyn Poznan services ever.

The Leszno services remain as 2 round trips M-F with timing alterations, all services are timetabled to run from Dec 10th to March 16th see Downloads for times. 


Pt47-65 2-8-2 departs Blotnica on Tuesday 20th June with the 06.28 Wolsztyn to Leszno service train.

Loco News  

The current operating steam locos are 2-8-2  Pt 47-65 and 2-6-2 Ol49-59. The Ol49-69 is expected back from overhaul by the end of September. The Cultural Institute has no immediate plans to restore further locomotives, however should sponsorship be available it is possible that a fourth locomotive could be added to the Wolsztyn fleet. 

Coaches News 

The institute has leased 2 coaches with heating for the winter service they arrived during the first weekend in September.Turkol the Polish steam special operator has 10 coaches 3 1st class 6 2nd class and a Restaurant car not all are in service as yet and none are yet fitted with steam heating. 

The institute has also hired 2 second class Intercity coaches or use on the scheduled services when the Turkol fleet are being used on the long distance specials these are not fitted with steam heating.

The institute also has five 4 wheeled coaches 3 with balconies that are available for certain specials and it is hoped that the sleeping dining support coach will  in the future be restored to use. 



 The school children and commuters enjoy luxury seating compared with the Diesel Railcar offerings. Eat your heart Southern commuters! 

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