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Guests have left 31 comments

Date:Fri 19 Aug 2011 07:19:11 PM
Name:Graham Samuel
Comment (33)
Quite simply an amazing experience, masterminded with quiet efficiency by Howard. The Polish crew were delightful, humorous and anxious for their charges to be fully involved.
An experience to be remembered for life and repeated asap.

Date:Mon 23 May 2011 03:18:38 PM
Name:Christine Standring
Comment (30)
It is now four years since I had the Wolstzyn experience - and can only say that it was, as a friend said to me earlier', everything you dreamed of and then more! If you wish to experience being on the footplate for real, do not let your sex (F) or your age (70+) inhibit you - just get stuck in.

Date:Thu 17 Mar 2011 05:50:08 PM
Name:Don Birch
Comment (27)
Just got back from six days of “The Wolsztyn Experience” and what an experience, last two days on OL49-59, four turns over two days on Lesno – Zbaszynek, the route in use whilst Wolsztyn – Poznan route partially closed for permanent way work, but four days on old route with SU45-245 DIESAL hauling passenger stock, what a pity the diesel loco hauled passenger service is likely to disappear forever in the near future, if not saved the way Howard saved the steam. WELL WORTH GOING, look forward to going again.

Date:Sat 4 Dec 2010 09:16:35 PM
Name:Tony Rowlett
Comment (26)
A really good weekend in freezing cold November Poland. Despite Howard not expecting me due to EMail Attachment error he quickly arranged a guided tour of the Lesno depot and three exhilarating runs on the footplate at speeds up to 60 mph. I've driven on many UK lines but nothing quite like the Wolsztyn experience 150 miles great value.

Date:Fri 26 Nov 2010 02:10:56 PM
Comment (25)
Hi Wolsztyn is my city. I love this city and Wolsztyn railway.

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