Wolsztyn Experience course accommodation

For our course participantís accommodation is provided in the Society house and at the depot and is assigned by Howard on arrival. If we have larger than normal groups we also use a nearby guest house. All accommodation is within 7 mins walk to the depot or station.  

Our accommodation consists of 1-twin en-suite, 3 double en- suite rooms and 2 singles that share a bathroom. Clients are never expected to share a room unless requested by themselves. By having so many doubles we can cater for the increasing number of course participants who bring their wives or partners with them either as participants or to enjoy the sightseeing, shopping or sport activities that are far cheaper than in the UK. 

We try to keep groups together with the normal allocation being the four rooms in the house being used for the one week courses and the 2 at the depot for weekend courses. However owing to requests for all en-suite rooms and travellers from the far side of the world who may stay longer than the course period so to as avoid clients changing rooms it is not always possible to keep groups together in the same location however it can be more important to keep working pairs together, particularly with a train service of one early morning train and one afternoon.


The_Wolsztyn_House_DSC00900_copy Web_Bar___Lounge_2 
Web_Bar___Lounge_The_Wolsztyn_House Web_Single_bedroom_house
Web_Master_bedroom_house Web_Master_bathroom 


Depot Accommodation

The accommodation in the depot is on the first floor of the engine mens house. Each room is en suite  and enjoys a stocked fridge. The ground floor contains the depot museum.  

Web_Depot_Room_1  Web_Depot_Room_2

 Pix_G_Hotel_Kaukaska Pix_H 
 Pix i Sukowski-Conference-and-Resort_1 Pix_J 


Hotel Kaukaska

The hotel Kaukaska is a long established Wolsztyn Hotel and in recent times has been extended and upgraded. The hotel can be booked through the Wolsztyn Experience for those wishing to for footplate courses and for tourism holidays.

The Palac hotel the only luxury hotel in Wolsztyn, closed during 2015. The owner is to open a new Hotel in the town centre.

Hotel Sulkowski Boszkowo

Recently upgraded this good hotel is positioned on a sandy beach to a crystal clear lake used for water sport. Three minutes from the station which is approx halfway between Wolsztyn and Leszno and and some 30 mins by road to Wolsztyn. This is an ideal location for those on combination train and touring holidays.  The Hotel is used for our May Day Parade 1 week package as all accommodation in Wolsztyn is booked a year in advance for this advent.

Hotel Palac Wasowo NE of Nowy Tomysl

This luxury Palac hotel is ideal for those on a Polish touring holiday or those having one footplate turn as part of a sightseeing holiday; it is some 40 mins from Wolsztyn and close to the A2 E30 Berlin to Poznan autostrada. The hotel is situated in parkland. The main building consists of a brick built Gothic Palac but other historic buildings are also used for accommodation.  The restaurant is well known for featuring excellent traditional Polish and European cuisine. The Hotel's attractions include a swimming pool, sauna and poolroom.    


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